It Takes a Village

August 12, 2008
Moms on line may be one of the most under-utilized social networking opportunities for marketers. Active, savvy, informed and opinionated (in a good way) they can make or break a product through their networking efforts.Providing previews to fuel word-of-mouth is nothing new. Smart marketers will listen to the feedback that comes back through the channel to improve their product, or at least provide contributors with a sense that their feedback is valued. Doing so begins to build a connection early, which, if managed effectively, can become a long-term relationship.

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Sprout has cultivated a relationship with prominent mom bloggers
PBS’ Sprout Net Hoping That Mommy Knows Best

Cable network PBS Kids Sprout is letting some of its more engaged
viewers play programming consultant.
In May 2007, the network—which targets kids 2-5—inked a partnership
with BuzzLogic, a company that helps businesses engage with the
blogosphere. As a result, Sprout has cultivated a relationship with
prominent mom bloggers who have reviewed and, in some cases,
consulted on several of its series.

Earlier this summer, Sprout began utilizing the BuzzLogic feedback.
Just last month, the network issued 400 pilot DVDs of the upcoming
Jim Henson Co.–produced series, Pajanimals, to its mom-blogger
network at the BlogHer conference in San Francisco. According to
Lauren Monks, Sprout’s senior director, business development, the
hope is to garner some low-cost blogger buzz before the show’s
November premiere.


EC1 Ghost Stories

August 8, 2008

The firehouse has been alive with the dead lately as we’ve been shooting for our new agency brand book, “Iconoclasts, Ghosts and Dynamite”. Wait a minute, is that Joel Bowers?