Wendy’s and Breakfast Soul Searching

January 14, 2009

wendys-4c-052According today’s article in AdAge Wendy’s Taking a Break From Breakfast, Wendy’s has decided to re-tool or eliminate their breakfast offerings for now, even though their market studies have show a “significant opportunity” in the area. It’s interesting to read the article from an outsider’s perspective and to listen to your instincts: what would you, as a consumer, expect Wendy’s breakfast to include? The article calls out a couple of the products like the “frescuit” and breakfast burrito. Right away we can see how Wendy’s put themselves at a disadvantage with these obscure offerings. In what was probably an honest attempt at differentiation, “frescuit” takes the product much too far away from a recognizable food that could trigger a craving, or onjw that would remain in the mind so that when a craving hits, the customer thing “oh, I need to go to Wendy’s for that.”

And, if you’re thinking breakfast burrito, you’re probably not thinking about Wendy’s either. Honestly, would you expect a fresh and tasty burrito from Wendy’s?