Shop and Save With Your Mobile Phone

December 18, 2009
Using the Shop Savvy iPhone App

Using the Shop Savvy iPhone App

A quick follow up to a previous post on how mobile phones are empowering shoppers this holiday season.   The New York Times has an article today about how mobile applications like Shop Savvy and Price Grabber are allowing consumers to quickly compare prices, and receive recommendations or reviews from their friends (via text or Twitter message).

While still in their early stages, these applications are providing the first round of real-world testing that will condition consumers to compare, and move retailers even further into the world of digital commerce.


EC1 assists Glide Memorial

December 16, 2009

Engine Company 1 is proud to assist the Glide Foundation in their efforts to help San Francisco residents.  This year, as in years past, we worked with the Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani to promote their message of support.

Since 1969, Glide has become one of San Francisco’s largest and most comprehensive providers of innovative services for poor and marginalized people through the programs that serve both individuals and the community.