Bringing Humanity to a Technology Brand.

April 1, 2011

EC1 set out to uncover the humanity behind the #2 browser in the world, Mozilla Firefox. On our search for the heart and soul of the brand, we interviewed the staff, the founders and the hardcore techies who made Firefox what it is today. We listened—sometimes very hard as the technology was slightly over our heads—but we felt a lot. We felt their passion for their product. And even more so, we felt their dedication to the cause of keeping the web free, open and accessible to everyone.

You see, Firefox is the only non-profit browser in the market. It creates and innovates by putting the public’s benefit over the bottom line. Every product and service is created for the end user—not for the gain of anyone else.

The thing is, most people don’t know about Firefox’s non-profit status, which we found is a very compelling point of difference to consumers. It makes new users want to seek the browser out. It makes current users more loyal. It makes lapsed users open-minded for a second chance. It gives people a reason to love Firefox beyond it being a great product.

The work you see below (and hopefully around town) is the first messaging of its kind in market. It’s a toe in the water, so to speak, of a larger brand initiative to come. We’re proud of it. As proud as we are to be working with a technology company that actually gets what it means to be human.

A few of the outdoor boards in the campaign: