EC1, the 49ers, and the Forever Faithful.

September 6, 2011

This year, the San Francisco 49ers and Engine Company 1 have been working on a campaign that allows fans of the 49ers to better connect with the team by telling their stories. The campaign, Forever Faithful, highlights fans and their Faithful tales on everything from the 2011 season tickets to print ads, schedule magnets and TV spots. This past Saturday, the campaign was featured on the 49ers Total Access TV show. (The piece was put together by the good guys and gals over at Atomic Productions. They made us look good, and for that we thank them.) After watching the show, be sure to check out the digital hub of the campaign at Once there, you can make your own Faithful Fan Card, join the fan gallery, or meet the fans that were recently selected into the Hall of Faithful. Let’s go Niners!